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Welcome to Chancery International

Here at Chancery International we are experts in USA, UK & other international property investments.

First and foremost we are investors ourselves, who have taken what we know from 20+ years of investing (highs and lows!) and applied it to working with various property companies including our own.

Unlike a large number of other property brokers, agents and companies out there, we invest in 100% of the products we promote. If they are that good then why wouldn't we? "Never trust a skinny chef" someone once told me!


In the UK we have access to a wide range of stock. Our strongest performing areas are BMV houses and apartments in Milton Keynes & Lease Option properties across the UK.

Milton Keynes

We can source properties up to 40% Below Market Value and offer a full refurbishment service. You can then sell the property on (flip) and take the profit (20%+ on average) or retain with minimum 20% equity and we'll use our letting and management service to find a tenant and give you a 6-10% NET yield.

Lease Options

Purchase a property without a mortgage / credit check or deposit!!

A Lease Option is a legally binding agreement that you will enter into with a homeowner to take over the property for a set amount of years and at a fixed price. The homeowner moves out, we find you a tenant and then you collect the rent and pay the mortgage. There will be a cash surplus / monthly income (of up to £500 per property) plus the 'option' to sell the property at any time and as long as you pay the set amount off first that is detailed in the lease, you will retain all other profit!!

Click here to request a copy of our free ebook explaining how lease options work


Europe is always popular and that’s why we have affiliates and direct suppliers with stock across France, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Italy to name just a few European countries. Contact us for more details or if you have a specific area you wish to invest in, either personally as a holiday or second home, or as a pure investment.

We will always give honest advice and support to both new and experienced investors who are looking to invest funds via cash, mortgage, pensions or a combination of all. We don’t believe in a hard sell and will give you all the information you need to make an informed choice for yourself and for the benefit of your financial future.

So please do look through our website, search for properties across a multitude of countries and areas and remember that you are in good, safe, reliable, non-pushy and most of all, EXPERIENCED hands. And don’t just take our word for it – see the testimonial page too, these are all REAL testimonials and we can happily put you in touch with any of these previous and current clients to validate this. Over 70% of our business is repeat business, a figure that hopefully speaks for itself.


We have a specialist team looking after various investments across the USA as this has seen the largest area of growth in the last 2-3 years for investment.

With USA bank repossession stock that can be purchased from as little as $5,000 with yields of up to 40%, fully tenanted and refurbished, we often have to answer the same old comment from investors - 'it seems too good to be true!' Well it actually isn't, and is simply a case of being in the right place at the right time and taking advantage of a specific situation. We have purchased multiple units across the USA ourselves, and therefore have first hand experience in all aspects of the purchase and post-completion processes. We will support you through the entire purchase process from reservation to legal completion and have an unrivalled post-completion service, where we make contact with all clients once per month to ensure things are running smoothly and the investment is delivering the quoted returns. If we need to step in and support you with supplier, management company or tenant issues then we will do this all free of charge. Thankfully this only happens on very rare occasions.

In North Dakota we have access to multiple opportunities with an established and well-respected developer, who is taking advantage of another situation – 20,000+ oil workers and a HUGE lack of decent good quality accommodation. What does this mean? It means you can invest from only £20,000 and see 30%+ returns!! That’s your initial investment back in 3 years and then a huge cash amount into your account each and every month after that!

Then of course there is the UK's favourite US summer destination – Florida! We have land, condos, villas and even whole blocks of apartments here. Prices are on the up, its gaining in popularity again and recovering faster than any other part of the US right now!